e-Filing Process and Procedures

Please review in detail the attached links, video tutorials, and information for full details on using our e-File It portal and filing electronically with the Office of the Juvenile Court Clerk in Hamilton County, TN.



E-File It Portal Instructions for Attorneys

Hamilton County, TN  Juvenile Court Local Rules and e-Filing Local Rules

Steps to be able to begin filing electronically:

1.     Watch video tutorial links above

2.     Click "Getting Started" button on the home page to register for your account and complete the electronic form

3.     When you receive the initial email after registering your account, click on the link provided to verify your account

4.     You are now ready to begin e-filing and click on the "File Documents" tab


·        Before filing electronic documents, make sure you have all pertinent case information for the juvenile to file the document on a new case.  If you are filing documents for an existing case, you must know the petition(s) and/or the docket number for that case.

·        All documents filed electronically must be filed and accepted 1 full business day prior to the hearing date for that case; this does not include weekend days or holidays.  Please see the listing for all holidays taken under Hamilton County in the "contact tab" for reference.


.        Each document filed electronically must be 50 pages or less.


·        All filings the day of a hearing date, or filings containing color photographs and/or color documents must be filed in person in the Clerk’s office.


·        All motion documents filed electronically must have the motion hearing date filled in on the document.  Please be sure to write the correct petition/docket number(s)

Motions to be held at Juvenile Court – Main Division

All motions are held on Wednesday mornings

If you file a motion on a Monday or Tuesday of a given week by the cut off time of 4:00 p.m. on a Tuesday, the  motion will be heard on the Wednesday morning of the following week (not the same week). 

If you file a motion on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of a given week, then the motion will be heard on the Wednesday morning 2 weeks out.  Please note this is the standard scheduling procedure with a Magistrate being available. 

If you are requesting a motion to be heard on another day other than the Wednesday motion docket, you must have prior approval from the respective Judge/Magistrate.

If you are unsure of the correct hearing date for a motion, you may call the Clerk’s office and inquire about the correct date to be used.

Motions to be held at Child Support Division

Motions will be heard every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. Motions may be heard at other times with the consent of the Judge.

Motions will be called at the Court’s first regularly scheduled motion day occurring no less than five (5) business days after filing the motion.

Notice of the date and time of the hearing shall be placed on the motion.

Motions filed by 4:00 p.m. on Monday will be called the following Tuesday.


Types of Documents

·        Hamilton County will accept most of all customary documents filed at the Juvenile Court and Child Support Division

·        ALL electronic documents must be in the ".pdf" format

·        ALL  electronic documents filed must be in black and white.  No color documents will be allowed.

·        Color photographs must be submitted in court at the hearing  or filed in person with the Clerk’s office.


·        When filing an electronic document, you will have a listing of types of documents to select from to identify the document you are filing electronically.  You will also be able to see any associated fee cost with this document and statutory code.


·        There is an option for "Other" to select.  This will have a free form text for you to name the document you are filing.  This option is only for those documents that you customarily file and have no associated fee cost.  (i.e. –


·        ALL documents electronically filed must be from the original paper document converted as a ".pdf" version for electronic submission.  This is not to be taken from captured picture of the paper document and then converted to the ".pdf" format.


·        Subpoenas to be served by the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office, or out of county Sherriff’s office, or by the TN Secretary of State:

          - After you have e-Filed your subpoena, you will need to deliver a check as soon as possible to the Juvenile Court Clerk’s office for service.

          - Please see the Schedule of Fees listed below for the amount charged for service by the appropriate location facilitating service.


·        Subpoenas to be served by the Attorney:

          - After you have e-Filed your subpoena and we have processed it, you will receive an automated email with a link for you to print your processed subpoena and provide service to the appropriate party.

          - After you have completed service, you will e-File the completed Subpoena to us as "Service Return". We will process the e-filed document and you will receive an automated email with a link to the processed file stamp copy for your records.


·        Appeals to Circuit Court– You must deliver a check to the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office in the amount of $209.50 made out to the Hamilton County Circuit Court. 


·        Schedule of Fees charged for documents filed at Juvenile Court / Main Division. 

          - Schedule of Fees


·        Schedule of Fees charged for documents filed at Child Support Division. 

          - Schedule of Fees


Setting Up Account

·        You must have an account set up before you will be able to file court documents through this portal


·        Watch the following video tutorial on how to register for your account



·        Annual subscription cost of $300.00 allows you to file unlimited times at both courts – Juvenile Court and Child Support Division.


·        Your annual subscription timeframe runs for 12 consecutive months from the date you pay.  You will receive a reminder notification 30 days prior to remind you to renew or it will expire.



·        You may elect to pay the $5.00 fee per filing of a document with a maximum cap amount of $50.00 per case.



·        Please Note: If you conduct business with the court or an Appointed Attorney, GAL., or on behalf of the state of Tennessee, you will not be charged the e-filing fee.


·        Troubleshooting:  If you have any questions or having issues with registering your account and/or filing documents electronically, please email us at eFileit@hamiltontn.gov.  We will respond to you as soon as possible during our regular business hours.  We will respond via email or phone call so please be sure your contact information is included in the email.